We’re excited to invite you to explore some of our major works! Beyond the single frame comic and the pithy portmanteaus, we’ve begun to build a library of dearly developed and careful crafted books. More to come, of course, but how lovely to see them come together! 🙂

Homeward Bound: A Star Bird Adventure

One morning, a bird family wakes up to find an unexpected visitor in the nest. But where did this little star come from and how can it get home? Join the adventure in this beautifully illustrated story, perfect for the coziness of bedtime.

Available now! 🙂


So there’s this island, see? And it’s shaped like a pie, see? There are plenty more ingredients to add, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves just yet…

Coming soon! 🙂

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As we continue to expand our library, we invite you to explore partner projects.