If you believe, as we do, that more stories happen to those who share them, we must be ready to share our adventures. And so we will…

Let’s Do The Twist

There’s a lot of talk about cooking but not so much actual cooking. The challenge: Let’s cook stuff together! Pretty straightforward, actually. We started off this series with soft pretzels — this recipe, more or less. Takeaways? M had more whole wheat flour than white, which explains the color difference. Were they healthier? Hard to […]

Winter Vacation 2018

Winters are my favorite. Everything feels so fresh and untouched. Not that I live in a place that gets really cold, in fact no season tries its limits here. Only rains. But I have not always lived here. So, winter is a good time to take a break and go to some place where you […]

1st day trail

Sky Meadows: It Begins

Climb every mountain? Maybe not. Okay, maybe just one. And not really a mountain — more like a big hill. It’s good to have goals and ambitions, but sometimes it’s enough to just get started. I came across the First Day Hike somewhere along the rough and rocky trails of social media. Free? Nature? Action! […]

in some time

the best may be yet to come, but we’re off to a pretty good start…

the adventurers

Good thing we met! Blue and green, words and art — we’re bringing it all together and sharing some of it with you, too! 😉

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